In today’s (chronological) Bible reading… Psalms 131, 138, 139, 143-145… we see a wide variety of psalms covering a wide array of emotions.  I especially like Psalm 139

Would you really want other people to know what you are really thinking or feeling?  Would that make you feel uncomfortable?  Do you realize God DOES know what you are thinking and feeling?

We hesitate to let others see our flaws and quirks.  We like to keep up a “proper” front… to keep up appearances.  But, it should be a relief to us to know God knows who we really are… and loves us anyway!

The psalmist said God knows everything about us… our every thought… our exact location… every second of every day.  Every nanosecond of every day, God knows how we feel about school/work, what words we’ll speak, and what snacks we’re hungry for.  Even when we’re asleep, God is on watchful duty.

But, God is not our cosmic GPS… continually tracking our every move.  He watches and knows, because He cares.  There is not a thought we can think that will surprise God.  There is not an act we can commit that will surprise God.

God is never taken by surprise.  And God loves every part of who we are!


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