In today’s (chronological) Bible reading… 1Kings 1,2; Psalms 37,71,94… we see that final jostling for the throne between David’s sons just before David died.

It was as if all David’s sins and heartaches came back for one last visit before he died.

Adonijah, David’s third son, was in line for David’s throne because both of his older brothers were dead.  Absalom – one brother – killed Amnon – the other brother – after Amnon raped his half-sister, Tamar (who was Absalom’s full sister).  Then Absalom was killed in battle when he attempted a coup of David’s throne.  The very fact that Adonijah had a legitimate claim to the throne was in itself a painful reminder of 2 of the worst events in David’s life.

But, the prophet, Nathan, and David’s wife, Bathsheba, reminded David of God’s plan – and David’s own promise – concerning another son… Solomon.  Things got busy fast.  Nathan and Bathsheba arranged for David to give his blessing to Solomon and for Solomon to be crowned in a public ceremony.  Adonijah realized he’d been outwitted.

Even on his deathbed, David was beset by the consequences of sins he’d committed years earlier.

David was a man forgiven… but forgiveness doesn’t eliminate the consequences of our sin. And sometimes we live with those consequences for years after.


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