In today’s (chronological) Bible reading… the Song of Songs (or Son of Solomon)… we see a love story.  It is true that this love story illustrates God’s love for Israel, but also picture Christ’s love for the Church – as well as His love for each individual Christian.  But, it is also a picture of what true love between man and woman should – and could – be.

The “plot” of the love story describes Solomon’s love for a humble, simple maiden.  Their courtship (1:1–3:5) leads to marriage (3:6–5:1) and then to the joys and trials of marriage (5:2–8:14).

The book describes the emotional part of love as well as the physical part of love.  Sex is a precious gift from God, an expression of true commitment that can – and should – only be found in marriage.

When reading the Song of Songs at one sitting, it is easier to read from a version that assigns the parts to the one speaking them.  It is a beautiful love story… 


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