In today’s (chronological) Bible reading… 1Kings 5,6; 2Chronicles 2,3… we see Solomon build the Temple.

I.  Cooperation…  God gave David the plans for the Temple, and David & the people gave the resources and materials needed to build it.  A Gentile king provided the timber, and a Canaanite work force helped the Jewish workers.  It was a cooperative effort overseen by King Solomon.  God still cooperates with the people who cooperate with one another and with Him!

II.  Construction…  They built with gold, silver, and costly stones.  Every detail was spelled out, and King Solomon made sure the design was followed perfectly.

III.  Concern…  Lots of money went into the building of the Temple, but that was nothing compared to the obedience that went into it.  God is not impressed with our buildings; do you think He would be?  All of the resources and materials are provided by Him in the first place!  But, He does like to see our obedience.  And, with out obedience, God can make our buildings a blessing.


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