In today’s (chronological) Bible reading… 2Chronicles 4-7; Psalms 134,136… we see a parallel look at yesterday’s passage.  It should serve well for those of you with short-term memory…

It gives us an opportunity to look at Solomon’s temple from a different perspective.  The reason for the temple was worship!

The world had never seen anything like Solomon’s temple.  It was set high on a hill… massive, gold everywhere, intricate carvings and paintings.  It was truly a wonder!

It would have been easy for Solomon to have been prideful.  He already had everything going for him before he started the construction of the temple.  Then, he showed great leadership in the building of it.  On the day of dedication, the people celebrated… and sang… and shouted praise to God.  The musicians played to the best of their ability.  And God was there.

It was God’s presence that put everything else in context.  Everything else had simply served as an invitation to God.

And that’s worship!


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