In today’s (chronological) Bible reading… Psalms 146-150… we see the final songs of Psalms, and they are all songs of praise to God and love for Him.

It is fitting that the final song of Psalms is an invitation for all people to praise the Lord.  The word “praise” is used 13 times in this one psalm!

–  Where should we praise God?  Where we are!  (v.1)  Locally and universally!  In the temple and in nature!  Wherever you are, praise the Lord!

–  Why should we praise God?  Because of what He does and who He is!  (v.2)  The better you know God’s character and the way He works, the more you will enjoy praising Him and the more you will have to praise Him for.

–  How should we praise God?  With whatever we have handy!  (v.3-5)  With our voices and with instruments – including cymbals – and with our bodies.  All we have and are should be a living sacrifice that praise God.

–  Who should praise God?  “Everything (and everyone) that has breath.”  (v.6)  Our very breath comes from Him, so should be used to praise Him.  Our breath may be the weakest thing we have, but we can devote even that to God.


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