In today’s (chronological) Bible reading… 1Kings 13,14; 2Chronicles 11,12… we see the reigns of kings Rehoboam & Jeroboam.

God allows kings, rulers, presidents, and leaders… and God can take them away.

Jeroboam never asked to be king.  He had been a faithful servant to King Solomon until the prophet Ahijah told him he would be the 1st king of the Northern Kingdom of Israel when Israel split (Israel north, Judah south).  But, shortly after his coronation, Jeroboam was told the kingdom would be taken from him… and his descendants would be wiped out.

When God gives titles… or offices… or gifts… or opportunities, He gives them for a reason.  He cares what is done with them.

The reason the northern tribes would be taken from Solomon’s son was because of Solomon’s sin of idolatry.  Jeroboam surely knew that.  Regardless of what others might have done… or counseled, Jeroboam – of all people – should have avoided idolatry.  But he didn’t.  He took God’s gifts… then took them with him when he turned his back on God to do his own thing.

For us… you and me, every opportunity and every position is a gift from God.  He cares how we use those gifts.  He is always watching for those who will be faithful to Him and use what He gives us in obedience to Him.


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