In today’s (a day late) (chronological) Bible reading… 1Kings 15:1-24; 2Chronicles 13-16… we see 2 kings of Judah – King Abijah, the son of King Rehoboam, & his son, King Asa.

God blessed Judah for David’s sake, but it would be up to the leaders and the people how long those blessings would last.  Even early, there was trouble brewing…

King Asa started strong, but ended badly.  Early in his reign, Asa trusted God and God blessed him with great victories.  But, after 36yrs on the throne, he stopped depending on God.

God is with us (2Chron. 15:2)… so look for Him.  God answers prayer (2Chron. 15:4)… so trust Him.  God rewards faithfulness (2Chron. 15:7)… so obey Him.


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