In today’s (chronological) Bible reading… 1Kings 17-19… we are introduced to the prophet, Elijah.  And Elijah is one AWESOME dude!

Elijah was a man of BIG faith… and he would need it!

When he prophesied a drought, he would also suffer when the rain stopped.  Even though he had been faithful while those around him were immersed in idolatry, he would also be affected by God’s judgment on God’s people.

But, Elijah never complained, though, because he trusted God.  He believed God would do what He said He would do.  When Elijah followed God’s instructions to hide by the Kerith Brook, and God provided bread and water for him there… just as He promised.  The ravens that brought Elijah bread were considered “unclean” by orthodox Jews (like Elijah was), but Elijah didn’t complain.  When the water eventually dried up, Elijah didn’t complain.  Each day, Elijah trusted God to provide for Him because God had provided for him yesterday… and he was sure the same would hold true for tomorrow.  While it could have been a source of complaining, even the drought itself was proof that God kept His promises.

All of us… each of us… go through trials and difficulties in this life.  And all of it is the result of sin… Adam’s, the world’s around us, and ours.

Even when we are faithful, we can get caught up in the consequences of a broken, sinful world.  But, God is faithful to His promises… and we can rest in the hope that is Him.


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