In today’s (chronological) Bible reading… 1Kings 20,21… we see the continued deterioration of King Ahab.

King Ahab started out on top of his world… evil though he was.  But, he ended in humiliation.

There have been few people in literature – fact or fiction (and the Bible is fact) – who have been as evil as King Ahab was.  Maybe his wife, Jezebel, would have given him a run for his money…

Ahab’s immaturity and wickedness came to a head, encouraged by his evil wife, Jezebel.  And, to get what he wanted – a tiny vineyard of Naboth’s that had been in his family for generations – Ahab committed murder… then theft.

Ahab violated God’s will and covenant at almost every turn.  Are you paying attention to God’s will and covenant in YOUR life?


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