In today’s (chronological) Bible reading… 2Kings 8:16-29; 2Chronicles 21:1–22:9… we focus on some kings of Judah.

God kept His promise to keep David’s descendants on the throne of the S. Kingdom, Judah… but He also stayed true to Himself when he punished them for disobeying His ways.  We can see He disciplined Jehoram in several ways:

–  Jehoram’s reign began to disintegrate as the Edomites revolted and the Philistines invaded.  Life starts to fall apart when we stop obeying God’s best plan for us.

–  Elijah’s letter warned Jehoram the king and gave him opportunity to repent, but Jehoram went his own way.  Imagine getting a letter from someone like Elijah!  And imagine disregarding it like junk mail!!  Jehoram would die in severe pain… and no one seemed bothered at his death, even though he was the son of the great King Jehoshaphat.

If you received a letter from God today – and that letter included a warning – what do you think God would be warning you to stop… or start? 


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