In today’s (chronological) Bible reading… 2Kings 14,15; 2Chronicles 25-27… is a little more lengthy reading than our usual reading, but it reads fast.  And the kings are interesting…

Take Uzziah for instance; it was his death that set the stage and timing for the great prophet Isaiah’s ministry.

Uzziah was a success in the things that were measured by most kings.  He had a mighty army and his people were prospering economically.  Everything seemed to be going well for him.

So… maybe he got bored.  Maybe he thought he could do EVERYTHING… including those things in the Temple, those things reserved for the priests.  He entered the Temple and burned incense.  The priests confronted him and told him it was not his place – in fact it was forbidden to burn incense.  The king did not listen… and God struck him with leprosy.

Uzziah did not understand his place in God’s plan.  God had roles for kings to fill, and different roles for priests to fill.

Success can sometimes be an obstacle.  None of us are equipped to do everything.  Success in one area of life does not necessarily mean success in every other area of life.

We do best when we do what God has given us to do.


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