In today’s (chronological) Bible reading… Amos 6-9… we see 5 visions of the prophet Amos, foretelling the coming judgment on Israel.

In ch.6, Amos said the nation was guilty of complacency.  This complacency came from a false confidence; they trusted their military power instead of God.  The people were also guilty of focusing only on themselves… ignoring the people around them who were hurting.  They were sure the judgment – if any – was far away.  But it wasn’t.

God appointed 3 judgments for them; death (v.9,10), destruction (v.11-13), and defeat (v.14).  Assyria would be responsible for it all.

The people were sure they could somehow avoid God’s judgment for their ignoring Him and His ways.  They were sure they were the exception to the rule.  But, they would not be forgotten.  Their sins would find them out.


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