On today’s (chronological) Bible reading… Hosea 1-5… we start reading from the prophecy of the first – and longest – of the “minor” prophets.  It is also one of the more surprising stories in the Bible.

Hosea was given the task – by God – to marry a known prostitute, knowing his wife will be unfaithful… and knowing he will have to raise their children alone while she continues to go back to her old ways.

But, this story is more about God than it is Hosea.

God understood the cheating heart of humanity, yet He chose to enter into a relationship with us anyway.  When we strayed – as He knew we would – He called us back to Him.

It’s easy for us to feel sorry for Hosea.  It’s easy for us to think we relate to Hosea in this story.  But Hosea doesn’t represent us in this story; Gomer does.

We are Gomer… and God is Hosea, always loving us… and always calling us back to Him when we are at our worst.


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  1. Thanks for this concise expository, and the rooting in love was great to see! Something I desire to learn and build from 🙂

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