In today’s (chronological) Bible reading… Isaiah 5-8… we see the beginning of Isaiah’s ministry.  It was “in the year king Uzziah died” that Isaiah was visited by God…

Isaiah saw God, and it was awesome!  God was royal and regal and real!  He was glorious!  He was surrounded by angels… flying around Him… praising Him by saying, “Holy!  Holy!  Holy!”

Isaiah’s response was not to respond as though he’d just seen his favorite celebrity.  Instead, Isaiah was completely overwhelmed by the awareness of his own sin.  His first thought was one of thinking he was doomed… and that he deserved whatever punishment God chose to give him.

In the Bible, this was a common reaction to God’s holiness.  The more one was aware  of God’s holiness, the more humble one became.

But God didn’t visit Isaiah to consume Isaiah; He visited Isaiah to call him.  There was a job that needed doing, and Isaiah was God’s choice for the job.  And, when Isaiah realized his place before an awesomely holy God, he proved himself available.

God purified Isaiah, and forgave his sins.  And, Isaiah became the willing servant who would do as God gave him to do.  When God asked for someone to be His messenger, Isaiah shouted, “I’ll go!  Send me!”

This is what the Gospel is all about.  We become aware of God’s holiness… and are convicted of our sin.  When we humble ourselves in reaction to our sin, God forgives us.  And the resulting response is a grateful willingness to serve God… working with Him in His plan.


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