In today’s (chronological) Bible reading… 2Kings 18:1-8; 2Chronicles 29-31; Psalm 48… we see Hezekiah serving as one of the better kings of Judah.  He was a God-fearing man who led the people in God-honoring reforms.

Hezekiah made God a priority during his reign as king.  One of the first things he did was clean up the temple.  This wasn’t a community renewal project done simply for the sake of beautification, or an attempt to simply restore a historical building.  It was about more than the building; he also told the Levites to cleanse themselves, and to get rid of anything that was spiritually unclean.

This wasn’t an easy thing for Hezekiah to do, nor was it popular with everyone.  If it had been easy or popular, all the kings before him would have already done it.  As Hezekiah spoke to the people, telling them what he was doing and why, he told them his ancestors had led the people astray.  His recent relatives had been unfaithful and disobedient.

Maybe you could make a similar speech.  Maybe you could break the cycle in a similar way.  Maybe you come from a family history that would not encourage you to be faithful to God.

Or, maybe just the opposite is true.  Maybe your family history is one of faithfulness… and you have strayed from what you know to be right.

Hezekiah wrote his own story.  Just as you and I must write our own.

If God were to read the story you’re living today, would He be pleased with what He’s reading?


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