In today’s (chronological) Bible reading… Isaiah 36,37; 2Kings 18:9–19:37; 2Chronicles 32:1-23; Psalm 76… we see the same story told from a variety of perspectives.

Our text focuses on King Hezekiah.

Hezekiah had begun his reign as king by bringing the people back to worship of the One True God and by cleansing the temple.  That put him in stark contrast with most of the kings who had gone before him.

Hezekiah faced many of the same threats and enemies the kings before him did, but he did not respond as they did.  As a good king, he prepared for war the right way.  He strengthened the city.  He readied his troops with weapons.  And he encouraged them with motivational speeches.

But, the most important thing Hezekiah did was to continue to trust in God.  He knew God would fight for His people.

For those who trust God and follow Him, God is more than just a secret weapon.  He is the God of history who makes things happen.  He is the God who keeps His promises to His people.  He is the God of the Covenant, who has taken His people under His care and will protect and defend them.

When you and I feel threatened, we should do what we can to prepare.  But, the most important thing we can do is know God is the one who will rescue us, defend us, and save us.


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