In today’s (chronological) Bible reading… Isaiah 43-45; Psalm 80… Isaiah looks to the future restoration of Israel.

Isaiah 45 is a special chapter with 3 prophetic words for 3 different people:

– His message to King Cyrus of Persia was one of SOVEREIGNTY.  God is the Creator and Lord of history.  King Cyrus did not even have a relationship with God, yet God knew him… and called him by name… and used him to accomplish His purpose.  When life seems to be caving in, remember… God is in control.

– His message to Israel emphasized SUBMISSION.  If Israel would only trust God, they could share in the things He was doing.  King Cyrus of Persia cooperated with God… and he didn’t even believe in Him!

– His message to the Gentiles emphasized SALVATION.  God’s purpose through Israel was that all nations would be blessed.  They refused to accept His Savior, much less share Him with others.  That task then passed to Gentiles… through the church.  And we are to be faithful to share Jesus until Jesus comes again.  We are to take the good news of salvation to every tribe and every nation.


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