In today’s (chronological) Bible reading… Isaiah 46-49; Psalm 135… Isaiah continues to focus on God… and His dealings with us.

Psalm 135 sings what Isaiah wrote.  Imagine what that must have sounded like as all of God’s people gathered together to sing this psalm.  They sang “Hallelujah” which, in Hebrew, is ‘You praise Yah!’… ‘Yah’ being the shortened form of God’s special Hebrew name – Yahweh. 

Over and over again, the song leader calls for the people to praise God… agreeing together that God is incredibly great!  Why?  Because of God’s spotless track record!  No one’s resume’ compares to God’s resume’!!

We should praise God today for the same reason.  He balances everything on the tips of His fingers and keeps everything working as it should… while, at the same time, focusing on every minute detail of your life and mine.

Any day… every day… is a great day to sing “Hallelujah!” to God.  Go ahead… right now; give God a loud “Hallelujah!”


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