In today’s (chronological) Bible reading… Isaiah 64-66… we end the prophecy/book of Isaiah.

Isaiah has a little for their near-future times… and also the end times.  Take the last chapter as an example…

–  Trembling (v.1-6)  Take a minute, and think about how awesome God is.  He could use the earth for His footstool!  But, despite His greatness, He humbles Himself to dwell with the humble… with those who tremble at His word… and seek to give Him glory.

–  Troubling (v.7-13)  The restoration of Israel will come suddenly and joyfully… like the birth of a baby after troubling times.  Their tribulation will give birth to glory, and God will love them just like a mother does her child.  And it will be a time of peace and joy.

–  Triumphing (v.14-24)  God will defeat His enemies… will call the Gentile nations to share in the glory… and will present Israel as a holy offering to the Lord.  Isaiah opened his prophecy – 66 long chapters ago – prosecuting Israel for their religious hypocrisy; he closes it by promising their worship will one day again be acceptable to the Lord.

It’s good to end a good book on a good note!


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