In today’s (chronological) Bible reading… 2Kings 22,23; 2Chronicles 34,35… we take a look at good King Josiah, a boy king (who was way better than King Tut!).

It had been generations since the people of Judah and Israel had worshiped God.  The temple had fallen into disrepair.  Even worse than that, there were altars to pagan gods in God’s temple!

Then Josiah came along.  He became king as a boy, and, by 18 years into his reign, the temple had been restored.  During the restoration process, Hilkiah, the high priest, found a copy of the Book of the Law… the Bible!  He passed it along to King Josiah.

When King Josiah read what God’s Word said, he tore his clothes in sorrow at all that had been lost.  After generations of hard-hearts and neglecting the things of God, Josiah’s heart was tender… and he began to take steps to restore his people to the true worship of God.

It’s hard to imagine how the people of God could have lost the Word of God.  It’s also hard to imagine how a young man could grow up in such a godless environment and still be so sensitive to God.  But, there’s always hope… no matter how dark things appear!


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