In today’s (chronological) Bible reading… Habakkuk 1-3… we are allowed to listen in on a conversation between a prophet and God.

Habakkuk was frustrated… and confused.  If he understood God’s plan correctly – and he did – God was intending to use the Babylonians to invade God’s people because of their wickedness.  From Habakkuk’s perspective, it made no sense.  How could God punish His people for being bad… by using a people who were even worse?

But, by listening in on this conversation, we learn about faith!  We see Habakkuk perplexed… and faith wavering.  We see Habakkuk get perspective… and faith watching.  And we see Habakkuk’s perseverance… and faith worshipping.

And, if we were to look at the situation simply from a pragmatic viewpoint… we would have to point out to God’s people that the Babylonians allowed themselves to be a part of God’s plan, while God’s own people would not!


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