In today’s (chronological) Bible reading… Jeremiah 1-4… we are introduced to “the weeping prophet”.

Jeremiah must have been a young man when God called him to tell others what God had told him to say.  At first, Jeremiah protested; he said he was too young, and he was no public speaker.  But, God told him not to be afraid of what others might say… or even how they might look when he told them what he was going to tell them.  And, God promised to put His words in Jeremiah’s mouth.

Jeremiah would endure lots of grief and sadness in his lifetime.  He lived through Israel being taken into captivity.  He lived through Judah’s rapid decline.

He began his ministry about 60 years after Isaiah’s death, and preached a very unpopular message for more than 40 years.

Jeremiah told the people Judah would follow in the footsteps of Israel.  Judah would be taken by Babylon and would be taken into exile because of their disregard for God and His laws.  And, against the better of judgment of almost everyone else, Jeremiah told the leaders and the people to surrender to Babylon… and to the plan God had for them.


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  1. Jeremiah was young and able to prophecy the things Judah didn’t won’t to hear.

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