In today’s (chronological) Bible reading… Jeremiah 5-8… we see the tough task Jeremiah was called to.

Jeremiah was called to preach a hard message to a hard-hearted people.  He was to tell the people their confidence and trust was put in the wrong things.  The false prophets were saying, “Nothing can happen to Jerusalem because God’s temple is here” (7:4); “We are safe because we offer sacrifices to God” (7:21); etc.

God was looking for severe devotion.  God was not looking for the trappings/structure of religion; He was looking for relationship.  Surface “reformation” wasn’t going to cut it; it did not change the hearts of the people.

Never be satisfied with surface religion.

And never trick yourself into thinking the structure of religion is what God is looking for.  The structure was intended to provide an outlet for our desire to have a relationship with God.  But, the structure cannot take the place of that relationship.


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