In today’s (chronological) Bible reading… Jeremiah 9-12… we are allowed to listen in on Jeremiah pouring out his heart to God.  It seems that the sin of God’s people had caused many to be in sorrow…

Israel, the northern kingdom, had been taken nearly 100 years before.  Judah, the southern kingdom, was limping along… going from one idolatry to the next… trying out every kind of worship that seemed popular at the time.  But, through Jeremiah and other prophets like him, God was still calling out to His people: “Come back!”

God didn’t order His people to come back.  God didn’t force His people to come back.  God begged them: “You have made Me very angry and sorrowful, but I am merciful.”

It is a hard thing to return to a parent whose heart you’ve broken.  But, as any parent knows… no matter how rebellious a child is, or how shamelessly he has treated his parents, a parent is still a parent.  And a parent always loves his or her child.  A parent will always welcome a child with open arms if the child will only come back.

God is merciful.  It is never too late.  Is it time for you to come home?


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