In today’s (chronological) Bible reading… Jeremiah 21-24… Jeremiah passes along God’s news concerning judgment against evil leaders of Judah, both kings and priests.

God expects leaders to be people who love, guide and care for the people.  But the leaders in Judah at that time were selfish… and disloyal to God’s covenant.

The political leaders – the kings – scattered the people and did not protect them or provide for them.  Leaders should ask themselves why they think God has placed them in a position of leadership…

The religious leaders – the prophets and priests – did not give the people spiritual direction, nor were they examples of godliness.  The false prophets made up visions and passed them off as coming from God.  The priests were more interested in serving themselves than God or others.

Be sure the people you follow are called by God, walk with God, and obey God’s Word.


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