In today’s (chronological) Bible reading… Jeremiah 45-48… we see that Jeremiah was a prophet to what seems to be the largest audience of any of the prophets.

Jeremiah was a prophet to the nations as well as to Judah, and his book closes with prophecies concerning the nations.

He spoke concerning Egypt and their fate.  They were once a world power, but they would be taken by the Babylonians.  He spoke to the Philistines… and to the Moabites… and would speak to others in the nations to follow.

But, Jeremiah would also remind his own people of the peace that would be theirs while in captivity; they would return to their land eventually, and would be established again.  They would be corrected in love, but they would not be destroyed.

God said, “I will save you… I am with you.”  What words of encouragement!

And you can claim those words for yourself today!


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