In today’s (chronological) Bible reading… Ezekiel 1-4… we are introduced to the prophet, Ezekiel, who lived among those who were exiled to Babylon.

Ezekiel was among the first of the exiles, carried off to Babylon more than 10years before the final defeat of Jerusalem.  He had been taken away with the king, the royal family, and the leading men of the land.  They were now captives in a foreign land.

What a joy and relief it must have been to Ezekiel to receive a vision from God.  He was a prophet, but he was also a priest.  He understood why God’s people were having to go through such tough times; they were being punished for their own sins and decisions.  And, as far as Ezekiel knew, God might have never spoken to them again.  So, when Ezekiel was given a word from God, it was good news!

God’s vision came with awesome power, through a whirlwind, a raging fire, and radiating brightness.

We all go through tough times… through spiritual valleys and dark places… sometimes because of our own sin, but sometimes for reasons we don’t understand.  Sometimes it seems God is far away.  

But, God is always close by, even when we can’t see Him.  And, sometimes, every now and then, God gives us a little glimpse of Himself.


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