in today’s (chronological) Bible reading… Ezekiel 17-20… Ezekiel shares a parable, and also addresses personal accountability/responsibility.

God’s people had been accusing Him of not being fair.  They said it wasn’t right to punish the children for the sins of their fathers and forefathers.  “Why should we suffer for what they did?”  “A fair and just God would not do that!”

But they did not understand what was happening.  God was NOT judging them for their fathers’ sins; God was judging them for their sins!

Let’s be clear when it comes to God’s judgment:

– God judges each individual for his/her own sins.

– God judges the individual, not groups of people.  And each individual is responsible and accountable for his/her own sins.

– God takes no pleasure in passing judgment.

– God’s judgment is the end result of what one chooses if he/she rejects His best way for his/her life.

“Turn and live!” was the invitation given to people then… and now!  It is God’s loving call to all of us!!  And it’s not about “fairness”… it’s about grace!!!


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