In today’s (chronological) Bible reading (a day late)… Ezekiel 13-16… we see some words directed at false prophets and idolatry.

From his vantage point in Babylon, after King Nebuchadnezzar’s first attack on Judah and the final destruction of Jerusalem, Ezekiel could see that things were definitely not right.

There were so-called prophets back in Judah who kept telling the people everything would be ok.  They said things were going to get better.  They said there would be peace instead of war.

Ezekiel knew better.  God had told him judgment was coming.  The people would have to face the consequences of their poor choices.

You might hear lots of people say, “This is what God says…”; but what “God says” had better square with what God’s Word says.  It’s easy to convince yourself something is true and right when you might have just wished it to be true… or are trying to justify your poor choices.

In the end, God’s Word is the only reliable basis for what is good and true and right… and what is not.


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