In today’s (chronological) Bible reading… Ezekiel 29-32… we see a continuation of God’s words concerning the nations surrounding Judah.  Especially Egypt.  Egypt was who God’s people trusted instead of trusting in Him.

Ezekiel shared God’s judgment on Egypt through 4 word-pictures:

1)  Capturing a Monster  (ch.29)

2)  Breaking Arms  (ch.30)

3)  Cutting Down a Large Tree  (ch.31)

4)  Trapping Animals  (ch.32)

We should all remember God is King… and rules the nations as He pleases.  And He rules the nations with one grand purpose – that the nations may know He is the Lord.

When nations and rulers start to think they are gods, God has to remind them God – and God alone – is Lord over all the earth.


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