In today’s (chronological) Bible reading… Ezekiel 33-36… we learn how Ezekiel saw the task God had given him; he was to serve as the watchman for God’s people.

God’s people had been led by poor shepherds, but Ezekiel was given the task of being a good shepherd… someone who could be trusted and who would lead them in the right direction.  In God’s direction.

It’s hurtful when our spiritual leaders let us down; those we know by name – nationally, and those we know personally.  It happens too often… and it’s nothing new.

Israel’s shepherds had failed them.  They had not guided them in the right way; in fact, they had encouraged them toward the wrong way.  Some had mixed their worship with idolatry.  Some had served only for a paycheck.

God promised they would be held accountable.

But, God also had a word for those sheep who were left to fend for themselves.  God promised to be their Good Shepherd; He would seek out those who had been scattered and in need of care.

It is good to remember… God is our Shepherd, not our human leaders.  We hope our spiritual leaders will serve us well.  But, whether they do or do not, God is our Good Shepherd, who – through Jesus – laid down His own life for His sheep.


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