In today’s (chronological) Bible reading… Ezekiel 37-40… we see restoration!

1)  The Restoration of God’s People  (ch.37)

2)  The Restoration of God’s Rule over God’s People  (ch.38,39)

3)  The Restoration of the Temple  (ch.40)

It starts with what some might consider one the creepier stories in the Bible.  Ezekiel finds himself standing in a valley, surrounded by bones that have been dried and bleached in the sun.  It was just a vision, but it seemed real to Ezekiel.

It was a picture of how far from God His people had gone.  They weren’t just spiritually slow… or sick… or sloppy.  They were spiritually dead!  

Without God, that’s true for all of us.

But, even the dead can live.

Ezekiel preached to those bones… and those bones began to rattle.  One bones connected to the other… until they were all formed into skeletons.  Then tendons attached… and muscles… and flesh… and skin.  Then those bones began to breathe.  Then they stood up on their feet – a huge army of living, breathing soldiers where once there had only been dried up bones.

The dead CAN live!  It happens all the time!!

Someone speaks the truth… and a spirit as dead as a pile of dried-up bones comes to life.  Life out of death.  Beauty out of ashes.  Plenty out of emptiness.

That’s the gospel… the Good News about of Jesus!

And it has the power to change even the most dead parts of us!!


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