In today’s (chronological) Bible reading… Daniel 7-9… we have the first 2 of Daniel’s many visions, and an interpretation of Jeremiah’s prophecy concerning the 70yr exile in Babylon.

Ch.9 has much to say to us concerning prophecy and visions and sometimes difficult reading like Daniel can be.

Insight  (v.1,2)  Even though Daniel received visions from God and could interpret dreams, Daniel still read Scripture and tried to understand it.  He read what Jeremiah wrote, and sought God’s understanding in it.  Not everything that happens in the world has prophetic significance, but many things do… and we Christians should keep our eyes open as we watch the news.

Intercession  (v.3-19)  God’s Word and prayer always go together.  In his prayer, Daniel emphasized his own sin… and the sins of his own people… and the righteousness of God.  Then he asked for God’s forgiveness.  Read his prayer for Jerusalem in light of what Jeremiah wrote in Jer. 29:10-14 & 30:10-24.

Instruction  (v.20-27)  God gave Daniel an preview of Jewish history.  What a treat THAT must have been!  Jerusalem would be rebuilt, and the temple would be restored.  The Messiah would come… and He would die.  An evil prince would break his agreement with the Jews and would trigger desolation.  But, God would triumph… and Jerusalem would become a true holy city.

Men are free to make decisions and even rebel against God if they choose to, but God WILL accomplish His purposes in His world.

With confidence, you and I can pray, “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done…”


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