In today’s (chronological) Bible reading… Ezra 4-6… the Jews finally complete the rebuilding of the temple.  They were able to do so because God’s people went to work, following the leadership of Godly men God put in place among them.  They were also able to do so because God provided the resources and the protection necessary.  But, they were also able to do so because of the orders given by 3 pagan kings!

When God’s people tried to return to their homeland after 70 years in exile, the locals who were already there tried to oppose them.  They even sent word to King Darius, asking him to order them to stop.  But, Darius found an earlier decree written by King Cyrus when he sent them to Jerusalem in the first place.  And Darius upheld that earlier decree.

It was God’s plan to return His people to the land.  And he was able to use pagan kings to get it done!

God used Nebuchadnezzar to punish… and Cyrus to restore… and Darius to put the finishing touch on His purposes.

What God chooses to do, He does.  When God chooses to bless and protect, He does.

We should not be afraid of circumstances and situations that seem to big… or rulers or authorities we fear might oppose us.  God is bigger than all.


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