In today’s (chronological) Bible reading… Zechariah 8-14… the prophet, Zechariah, focuses on the future renewal that would come with the King.  He does this through 2 prophetical visions… he called them burdens/oracles.

The first “oracle” – in ch.9-11 – deals with Christ’s First Coming, when He presented Himself to His people… and was rejected.

The second “oracle” – in ch.12-14 – deals with Christ’s Second Coming, when he will establish His glorious kingdom on earth.  Zechariah describes events that will take place “in that Day”…  One of these days, when the nations will gather together against Israel, Jesus will return in power and judgment, and will deliver His people.

As you read today’s reading, see Christ in His grace and glory, and rejoice in His victory that is promised.


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