In today’s (chronological) Bible reading… Esther 1-5… we read a great story that is action-packed and drama-filled.  The main story will keep your interest, but there are back stories throughout that twist in and out… coming to the forefront, fading to the background, and popping back up again!  You will enjoy the story if the beautiful girl named Esther… and how she did just-the-right-thing at just-the-right-time in just-the-right-way!!

Esther is one of only 2 books in the Bible named after women (Ruth the other).  

The Persians conquered Babylon in 539BC.  The events of Esther’s story took place at the winter palace of Persia (in Susa) and took place between Ezra 6 & 7.

The name of God is not mentioned in this book, but the work of God is obvious throughout!

Enjoy today’s reading…  I’m thinking you won’t be able to stop until you’ve read the whole book!


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