In today’s (chronological) Bible reading… Esther 6-10… we finish the story of a young queen whose moment in history illustrates God’s sovereign protection over His people.

Haman hated Mordecai.  He hated him because he was a Jew.  He hated him because he wouldn’t bow… wouldn’t defer… to him.  He hated him so much he wanted him dead.

But, Mordecai was the uncle to Queen Esther, and – though most had forgotten it – he had saved the king’s life.  And, these facts might have stayed hidden in some dusty old books somewhere if not for Haman’s desire to see Mordecai and all Jews dead.

Until Jesus comes again, there will always be conflict… and antagonism… and people who choose to hate.  But, there will always be a Sovereign God who is working behind the scenes.  And, seemingly just in the nick of time, God will raise up a hero.  Maybe someone unexpected, like Esther; a girl… an orphan… of a “second-class” people.

You may have an enemy… someone who is out to get you.  But, you also have an unlikely Hero who is on your side.  He was a poor carpenter from a “nowhere” part of the world… but he also happened to be the Son of God!

And His name is Jesus!!


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