In today’s (chronological) Bible reading… Nehemiah 8-10… we see life being restarted within the rebuilt walls of Jerusalem.

One of the first things the leaders did – Ezra & Nehemiah – was read God’s Word to God’s people.

The men, women, and all the children old enough to understand came and listened closely.  Ezra praised God for giving the law and taking care of His people, and the people responded with worship and praise.  Then the Levites explained the law – preaching the Word – so the people could understand even more.

God was to be the center of all His people did.  His law was only what was best for them… instructing them and guiding them in how to live.

Are you facing a challenge in your life?  Are you going through a transition period?  Do you want a renewed relationship with God?

Rereading God’s Word will help you gain focus… for you now, just as it did for them then.


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