In today’s (chronological) Bible reading… Matthew 4:1-22; 13:54-58; Mark 1:12-20; 6:1-6; Luke 4:1-30; 5:1-11; John 1:35–2:12… we see the temptations of Jesus, the calling of the first disciples (who would become apostles), and the beginning of Jesus’ public ministry.

Imagine the choice to be made by those Jesus called to follow Him…  To stay or to go?  To say yes or say no?

In order to follow Jesus, every person must make a choice.  To follow Him, it is always implied something will be left behind.

In the case of Peter, Andrew, James & John – sets of brothers – it was their livelihood… their lives as fishermen.  Jesus chose these men – and others – to be His disciples… learners/followers/companions through whom the early Christian faith spread and eventually covered most of the earth.  But it all started with a choice; to keep the familiar, or launch out into uncharted territory with the One who can most be trusted.

Peter, Andrew, James & John chose to launch out.  They stepped outside their comfort zone and followed Jesus the Christ.  And look what they got in return:

– A new job description – “fishers of men”!

– A front row seat to the most incredible 3-year display of love the world would ever know!

– Access to the only Teacher who has all the answers!

– The opportunity to be the first to hear the good news offered by God through Jesus.

What does Jesus have for you?  You can count on one thing – it will be much more and far greater than anything you might leave behind!


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