In today’s (chronological) Bible reading… John 3-5… we see a series of encounters Jesus had with individuals.  One of the more famous was his conversation with Nicodemus.  It was in this conversation that Jesus shared the words more people know from the Bible than any other words.

The words from John 3:16 have almost become a cultural icon.  What makes this verse so special?

In the few words of this verse… one sentence… Jesus summed up God’s loving plan for every person in every place in every time.

Because of God’s faithful love, He offered His one-of-a-kind Son, Jesus, who came to earth to rescue each of us.  He came to offer us a free life here, and an eternal life with Him there.

God doesn’t like our sin.  He cannot condone our sin.  But, He loves us more than our sin.  He loves us enough to offer forgiveness to us.  He DOES NOT point a finger at us.  He DOES reach His hand out to us, though, in grace and mercy.

God offers us hope and a choice.  You can choose to accept His offer of eternal life with Him, or you can choose to pass on it… and choose eternal life separated from Him. 


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