In today’s (chronological) Bible reading… Matthew 13:1-53; Mark 4:1-34; Luke 8:1-18… we see a few parables of Jesus, and they have to do with seeds.

Why did Jesus teach through parables?  Why not just say what He meant to say?  Jesus may have had several reasons as to why He taught through parallel stories, but one was that He knew the stories would grab the teachable moment… these parables would stick in the minds of His hearers.

Why did he teach about seeds?  Because EVERYONE who heard these parables were familiar with seeds… and knew how seeds related to the point Jesus was making.

Some lessons we can take from these “seed” parables:

–  God is sowing His Word in human hearts, and then looking for fruit.

–  God is sowing His people in the world, where they can produce a harvest.

–  It is our job to sow the seed; whether the seed germinates and produces a harvest is up to God.

–  When the harvest is ready, we must be ready to reap it… or the opportunity might be lost.

–  We should examine our own hearts to see whether or not we are ready to receive God’s Word.


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