In today’s (chronological) Bible reading… Matthew 8:18-34; 9:18-38; Mark 4:35–5:43; Luke 8:22-56; 9:57-62… we read about some great things Jesus did.  We see His power over nature, power over the demonic, and power over sickness and death.

We could learn lots of things from these stories, but let’s just take a look at the lessons we can learn from the storm…

There are some things we will never learn in a church building or in a seminary classroom.  Sometimes, Jesus needs to take us into a storm to teach us lessons we can’t learn from the safety of the shore.

If you had been there with the apostles before they got into that boat… and could ask them what they believed about Jesus, what do you think you would have heard?  Maybe some things like “He’s God’s Man”, or “When we’re with Him, it feels like everything is going to be OK”, or “We feel safe with Him”.

But, when they found themselves in the storm, it wasn’t about some ideal doctrine or theology, it was real world… and it revealed what they REALLY felt: “Sometimes I’m not sure God really cares”, or “I’m not sure I’m completely safe, even when I’m with Jesus” or “Jesus can’t – or won’t – do anything about the mess I’m in”.

What do you really believe about Jesus?  It will be revealed in a storm!

Take heart.  Jesus is not asleep.


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