In today’s (chronological) Bible reading… Matthew 16; Mark 8:11–9:1; Luke 9:1; Luke 9:18-27… we see more of Jesus.

Jesus asked the apostles a question.  Everything hinges on getting the answer to that question right like Peter did.

Who is Jesus?  “The Christ, the Son of the Living God”!

The crowds knew there was something special about Jesus.  At least something unusual, but not all of them figured out why.  Their best attempt at an explanation – that Jesus was one of their heroes returned – fell short of the truth.  And, therefore, was a wrong answer.

Peter got the answer right.  Not because he had studied for the question, but because he was connected with the one who had all the answers.  God was the One who showed Peter the truth.

Jesus, the foundation of the church, made it clear that Peter’s affirmation – and that affirmation being made by other believers – would be instrumental in transforming the world.  Peter was there at the beginning, getting the church started, because he knew the truth.

Jesus, who rose from the dead, was God’s Son and Israel’s Messiah.


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