In today’s (chronological) Bible reading… John 7-9… we see Jesus as the Living Water, the Light of the World, and God Himself!  We also see the contrasts that come with Jesus… truth and lies, bring from the Father and going to the Father, life and death, physical blindness and spiritual blindness, being against Jesus and being for Jesus.

By this time, the opposition against Jesus by the religious leaders is starting to heat up…

It was in this context that the religious leaders brought Jesus a woman who had been caught in adultery.

The Jewish religious leaders envied the popularity of Jesus, and looked for any opportunity to try to back Him into a corner that would force Him to alienate some of His crowd.  They hoped they could get Jesus to contradict the Old Testament law.

According to Old Testament law, the punishment for being caught in adultery was stoning.  So, while Jesus was teaching in the Jerusalem temple, the religious leaders interrupted Him by parading an embarrassed woman in front of Jesus and throwing her at His feet.

But, Jesus turned the tables back on them.  He invited them to throw stones at the woman… if they were without sin themselves.  Then, Jesus stooped to the ground, and doodled in the dirt (some have speculated He was writing some of the sins He knew they were guilty of…).

One by one, the woman’s accusers began to walk away.  None of them could stand up to the test of perfection.

Neither can we.

That’s why we need Jesus!  Jesus extended grace and compassion to that woman… and to us.

And He encourages all of us to put down our stones of condemnation and clean up our own situation by confessing our own sin.  That’s usually enough to keep us busy.


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