In today’s (chronological) Bible reading… Luke 10; John 10:1–11:54… we see Jesus’ ministry continue to expand, and the opposition against Him continue to grow.  Yet, Jesus continued to teach.

Take the parable of the Good Samaritan, for example…

It may be the most famous story Jesus ever told.  Those who heard Jesus tell this story that day would have understood its meaning on many different levels.  It was an indictment of racial prejudice.  It was a condemnation of empty religion.  It was a motivation to practical love.  But, let’s look at it from this perspective… the fact that we have all been in that ditch before.

All of us are on our way “from Jerusalem to Jericho”.  All of us have been robbed and beaten by the Fall…. and left half dead.  All of us have passed by one another, crossing over to the other side.

But, sometimes, some of us take a risk.  Sometimes, some of us reach out to another, not knowing for sure whether our help will be accepted or understood.  The amazing thing, though, is not that we help… but what God can do with our help.

There at that inn, the patient recovered.  He did not die.  Simply because someone stopped… and cared… and did what little he knew how to do, a life was saved.

And, if each of us would simply do that, our world would never be the same.


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