In today’s (chronological) Bible reading… Luke 12:1–13:30… we hear teachings of Jesus that focus on God and His ways.  The Kingdom belongs to those of a pure heart, not those who have:

– a Fearful Heart  (12:1-12).  When you are more afraid of what others might think/feel than you are of what God feels/thinks, it will always lead to hypocrisy.  When you fear/revere God alone, you need fear nothing else.

– a Greedy Heart  (12:13-21).  We all need a certain amount of money to live, but money will never guarantee security.  If anything, it creates false confidence… which will show itself as foolishness.

– a Divided Heart  (12:22-34).  The word translated “worry” means to ‘be pulled apart’… and that is what worry does to you.  If your heart is centered on Christ and trusting wholly in Him (v.31), you will have a unified heart that fears God alone.  If your treasures are heavenly, you need not worry; no enemy can take them.

– a Cold Heart  (12:35-59).  If you are a Christian – one who has trusted only in Jesus Christ for your eternal salvation, He expects you to be faithfully doing His work – your work – when Jesus returns.  Make sure your heart does not grow cold… and you get worldly.


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