In today’s (chronological) Bible reading… Matthew 20; Mark 10:32-52; Luke 18:31–19:27… we see more Kingdom values, and Jesus turns toward Jerusalem, and the cross.

It was on this last leg of His ministry that Jesus came across a “wee little man” named Zacchaeus.

It’s hard not to like Zacchaeus.  He was willing to look silly up in that sycamore tree just to get a good look at Jesus.  We have no indication Zacchaeus ever dreamed Jesus might see him… and make eye contact with him… much less stop and have a conversation with him!  But, Jesus DID see him… and Jesus DID stop… and Jesus DID have a conversation with him.  Jesus even invited Himself to Zacchaeus’ house!!  That was almost to good to be true!!!

And that’s what Jesus does.

Where does Jesus want to be?  He wants to be at YOUR house!  What does Jesus want to do?  He wants to hang out with YOU!  Does it matter to Jesus what other people might think?  Not at all.

What will the outcome be?  What would you find yourself saying and doing if Jesus were sitting at your table?  Would you be impressed enough by Jesus to offer to give half your possessions to the poor?  Would you be willing to undo your wrongs up to 4 times?  That’s what Zacchaeus was willing to do.

But, your response might be different.  And God’s expectations for you will probably be different.  What God expects is for you to respond honestly… and completely.  It will flow from who you are… a you that has spent time with Jesus.


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