In today’s (chronological) Bible reading… Acts 12-14… we see the church becoming the mission center God intends His people to be.  Paul & Barnabas took the opportunity to be a part of God’s redeeming work.

–  Opportunities Come to People Who Are Already Busy Serving the Lord.

God calls people who spend time with Him in worship and ministry.  If you want God’s guidance and direction in your life, get busy where you are!  Then God will show you the next step.

–  Opportunities Usually Bring Opposition.

–  Opportunities Reveal Character.

Paul & Barnabas kept going, but John Mark returned home.  We don’t know why… and it’s not our place to pass judgment.  Later, Paul would reclaim John Mark as his missionary partner… and Paul would also come to consider him a valuable partner in the faith.

–  Opportunities Develop Leadership.

The trip started out as “Barnabas & Saul”… and became “Paul and his party”.  Was Barnabas jealous that Paul became the leader of this dynamic duo?  We have no indication he gave that a second’s thought.  It seems Barnabas (the encourager) rejoiced to see Paul used so mightily of God.  It was a team effort… and the important thing was God’s glory and God’s mission!


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