In today’s (chronological) Bible reading… Acts 18:9–19:41… we transition from Paul’s 2nd Missionary Journey to his 3rd Missionary Journey.

Some of the places Paul journeyed to were easy… and the people received him warmly.  But, other places were difficult to get to… and the people there were difficult.  And, it seemed there were always the hecklers trailing along after Paul, trying to stop him from telling others about Jesus.

Paul was used to opposition.  He had thick skin, and could usually handle himself.

Those who profited from idolatry saw that the message of Jesus Christ would make their business obsolete.  For them, it was a simple dollars-&-cents decision.  Stirring up a mob wasn’t hard for them; they knew what they were doing.  So, in a matter of a few minutes, it was everyone in town vs. a couple of Christians.

Expect opposition.  You are here to work with Jesus to change your part of the world; not everybody is going to like that.

Opposition is often an indication you’re doing something right.  So, point the opposition out to God, and ask Him what He wants you to learn from it.  In some cases, opposition will show us better strategies for getting the job done.

Don’t be afraid of opposition.  God won’t allow anything into your life that won’t make you a better, stronger person.  Learn from Paul’s example.  Learn from God!  God will show you where and when and how to stand against whatever might come against you.


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